Aries is symbolized by the ram, an aggressive beast who confronts rivals by charging at them directly. Sagittarius, sitting 120 degrees away from Aries, is symbolized by the wild haired centaur-archer armed with a quiver full of flaming arrows ready to be fired off at distant targets. Combine the Sun (identity) in the sign of courage (Aries) with the Moon (emotional needs) in the sign of wide ranging crusades (Sagittarius) and the result is going to feel like a high-speed trip down some highly dangerous roads. Competitive and combative, enterprising and entrepreneurial, this pairing is the daredevil visionary of the zodiac who isn’t going to wait around for anybody or anything before setting off on an adventure. Linda Goodman hints at just how dangerous an Aries/Sagittarius adventure can be, “When these two signs join the trip may be noisy but never dull. They’ll energetically defend against any baddies who threaten them.” (Source)

Battles with baddies, bullies, and bad intentioned people whether on the streets, in business, or from the government are a life long theme for many Aries/Sagittarius individuals. Of the 144 Sun/Moon pairings this is one of the most likely to go against, over, or above the law in order to speak its truth. Wilhelm Reich, the controversial psychoanalyst whose publications were burned by the U.S. government, is an Aries/Sagittarius. (Chart) So too is Bob Woodward, the journalist who blew the doors off the Watergate scandal. (Chart) Woodward’s crusade against the mafioso tactics of the Nixon administration was the subject of the 1976 film All the President’s Men in which he was portrayed by actor Robert Redford:

As far as “blowing the doors off things”, well sometimes it’s the Aries/Sag who is defending against the bad guys while acting like one himself. You see, astrology is a study of oppositions and paradoxes. The paradox for Aries/Sagittarius is that its enormous courage can be matched by its tendency for violence, its aptitude for free enterprise by its propensity for fanaticism. To illustrate: Monticello based tobacco mogul Thomas Jefferson is an Aries Sun, Sagittarius Moon. (Chart) So too is Compton, California based rap mogul Marion “Suge” Knight. (Chart) Jefferson, as you probably know, is the big scary red headed white man who founded the United States. Knight is the big scary bald headed black man who founded Death Row Records, a company that was to the world of 1990s music what the United States was to the world of 1790s politics.

Keep in mind that the use of such “terrifically forceful” practices is not exactly unheard of in the music business. In the documentary The Secret History of Rock and Roll, rapper Coolio points out that “record companies used to hire hit men and put them on the payroll”. (Source) If you think about it from that perspective, a Sun/Moon pairing as openly aggressive as Aries/Sag is probably well suited for executive work in an arena as ruthless as the recording industry.

Speaking of Leviathan-esque environments, Godfather tactics and the use of excessive force, Thomas Jefferson wasn’t exactly an angel himself. According to a 2003 NY Times article “The Monster at Monticello” and a 2010 Smithsonian Magazine article “The Dark Side of Thomas Jefferson”, it seems he conducted himself more like a brutal gangster than the benevolent patriarch portrayed in history books. Among other things, Jefferson advocated the forceful assimilation and/or extermination of Native American tribes, a genocidal stance that makes the Godfather tactics at Death Row seem tame by comparison. Of course Jefferson is one of the founding fathers so we give him a pass for matters as ethically problematic as anything articulated on a gangster rap album.

According to the PBS article, “Death Row came into being under cloudy circumstances that may have included $1.5 million in seed money from the flamboyant drug-dealer Michael Harris . . .” (Source) Without dismissing the seriousness of those allegations, we all know Thomas Jefferson’s free market brainchild the United States was underwritten by methods of capital accumulation vastly more sinister than the distribution of illegal drugs.

Interesting side note: it was Michael Harris who also put up almost $500,000 to finance the 1988 Broadway play Checkmates that was a young Denzel Washington’s first big break:

The biographies of both Knight and Jefferson bear more than a passing resemblance to that of Caracalla, one of the most notorious Roman emperors and himself an Aries Sun, Sagittarius Moon. (Chart) On the upside Caracalla granted Roman citizenship to all freemen throughout the Roman Empire, commissioned massive public works projects, and dramatically raised the pay and treatment of Rome’s citizen-soldiers. On the downside his attitude towards Germanic tribes neighboring Rome was as homicidal as Thomas Jefferson’s was to Native American tribes neighboring the American colonies. He also managed to get caught up in a blood soaked feud with his brother that divided along East/West lines in a manner reminiscent of the violent East Coast/West Coast feud that plagued gangster rap during the 1990s.

Roman Emperor Caracalla is an Aries/Sagittarius
Roman Emperor Caracalla is an Aries Sun, Sagittarius Moon

Suge Knight isn’t the only Aries/Sag music mogul while Thomas Jefferson isn’t the only Aries/Sag who founded a nation. Afrika Bambaataa (born Kevin Sullivan) is an Aries Sun, Sagittarius Moon whose done both. (Chart) A legendary DJ who founded the music-and-culture oriented Universal Zulu Nation in the 1970s, Bambaataa is member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and a visiting scholar at Cornell. (Source)

Bambaataa has traveled far and ride to spread the gospel of hip hop but even his legendary career seems almost pedestrian when compared to the travels of Robert Smalls, a Civil War era escaped slave who is also an Aries Sun, Sagittarius Moon. (Chart) If the rise and fall of Death Row reads like a chapter out of The Godfather, Smalls’ biography reads like a combination of the Tupacalypse Now album, Django Unchained, and The Hunt for Red October all rolled into one. On May 13th, 1862 Smalls commandeered a cargo ship full of slaves and ran it through a blockade of Confederate Navy ships to freedom. The ship also contained Confederate code books holding the 1860s equivalent of top secret computer files which Smalls managed to decipher on his own. (Source) When Smalls’ wife asked him what would happen if he was captured he replied, “I’ll be shot.” In other words, he was prepared to end up on the Civil War version of “death row” if it meant a chance at freedom. Following the war he would become one of the most influential politicians in the South. He also ended up wealthy enough that he eventually purchased the home of his former master.

Escaped slave turned U.S. Congressman Robert Smalls is an Aries/Sagittarius
Escaped slave turned ship’s captain turned U.S. Congressman Robert Smalls is an Aries Sun, Sagittarius Moon

Bob Woodward’s crusade on behalf of the rule of law took down Richard Nixon, the most criminal-minded of the U.S. presidents. Smalls’ crusade on behalf of emancipation earned him a one-on-one meeting with Abraham Lincoln, the most justice-minded of the U.S. presidents. That Aries/Sagittarians like Woodward and Smalls would succeed at such daring operations makes perfect sense. Of the 144 Sun/Moon pairings, this is the one most likely to risk a life and death ride down road less traveled.

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