Scorpio: Sex, Death, and Obsessions with Sex and Death

With a Full Moon in Scorpio - the sign of the Shaman and the Spy, the Detective and the Deviant - uncomfortable truths tend to surface

I had hoped to get this post published prior to the full moon last night. The effects of this moon will still be in play for another 24-48 hours so here is a primer on the Scorpio Full Moon of May 17th, 2011 and how to best make use of it. Even if you’re coming across this after the window of opportunity has passed, it might still provide some good general info.

Who is Scorpio and What is She About?

Scorpio is the sign of both the Hitman and the Detective, the Shaman and the Spy. This is the sign most associated with depth and darkness, sex and money, suspense and secrecy, covert operations and subterranean dealings.

Comfortable with apparitions, Scorpio has an innate understanding of death, destruction, and all manners of horror. The old saying about “staring into the abyss”? Scorpio is the abyss. As this is the sign most concerned with the darker side of human experience, Scorpio will stare down demons that would send other signs running into the night. As a matter of fact, sometimes it’s the demons who go running when they are confronted by Scorpio. Scorpio is associated with deep healing – particularly on the emotional levels – but it is a Plutonian type of healing, the type of healing that makes you sick initially.

Scorpio also rules “other people’s money” as making investments, stock dividends, bank loans, etc are considered forms of “merger” which is Scorpio’s most basic, fundamental purpose.

How does a Scorpio Full Moon Work, What are Some Examples?

Deeply buried truths tend to come out at Scorpio full moons, not unlike the way dead bodies eventually surface to the top of a lake. Once those hidden truths do surface, just like bodies in a lake, they tend to be more gruesome and bloated the longer they’ve been submerged. That’s an awful grisly metaphor but it is in line with the sex-and-death energies that Scorpio is associated with. Some examples of Scorpio full moon themed headlines from the world news of the last 48 hours are compiled below. Note that each entry pertains to the unearthing of previously hidden information regarding sex, death, or covert financial maneuvers, the three areas of life Scorpio has dominion over:

Business Insider: Arrested IMF Chief Has Long History of Abusing Women

Global Research: Was Arrested IMF Chief Secretly Trying to Torpedo the U.S. Dollar?

Time Magazine: Sarkozy vs. Strauss-Kahn, Is Sex Being Used as a Weapon?

NY Times: Secret Culture of Sexual Harassment Pervades IMF

NY Times: Long Ago Affair Might Deep Six Turkish Candidate’s Chances to Lead IMF

Telegraph: Scottish Authorities Launch Investigation Into RBS Chief’s Sexual Affair

NY Times: Mets Looked at Fraud Insurance for Madoff Investments Back in 2001

BBC: Documentary Unearths Horrors, Abuses Inside Miami Mega-Jail

BBC: Secretary Of Justice’s Remarks About Rape Leads to Storm of Protest

Telegraph: Investigator Fights Scotland Yard to Release Secret Files on Jack the Ripper

NY Times: JP Morgan, with Help from the Pentagon, is Hunting for Gold in Afghanistan

BBC: Giant Insurance Company Held Sex Orgies for Sales Staff

UK Telegraph: Man Admits to Having Sex with 1,000 Cars

Telegraph: Chinese Villagers May be Descended from “Lost Legion” of Roman Soldiers

Wired: U.S. Air Force Developing Radical New Spying Capabilities

BBC: Lance Armstrong Faces New Drug Doping Allegations, Also Multi-Million Dollar Drug Distribution Accusations

Globe and Mail: Cell Phones Found to Negatively Affect Male Sexual Functioning Existence of Arnold Schwarenegger’s 10 Year Old “Love Child” with Maid

AP: Chinese Officials Finally Admit Three Gorges Dam Faces Urgent Problems

Yahoo: New Book on Area 51 Says Craft was Filled with Child Pilots from USSR

BBC: Cutting Edge Technique Reveals Existence of “Dark Energy”

If some of those headlines got your pulse racing do take a deep breath. Remember that Scorpio is associated with the myth of Hydra, the multi-headed monster who Hercules defeated simply be exposing the creature to sun light. (Source) The moral of the story is that the demons a Scorpio moon reveals lose much if not all of their hold over us once we summon the courage to expose them to the light of conscious awareness. The same goes for any hidden truths that a Scorpio moon unearths in matters of sex, death, and other people’s money. Once exposed, there’s usually a lot of work needed to clear those demons out or deal with those unearthed truths but bringing them into awareness is where much of the heavy lifting, psychologically speaking, is done.

How Can I Make Best Use of The Scorpio Full Moon? How Might it Affect Me?

Even if you have no planets in Scorpio, at least one of the 12 houses in your chart is associated with Scorpio. It’s the affairs of that house – or more specifically, the house where the 26th degree of Scorpio is located – which will be the subject of this full moon. Whatever house in your chart this Scorpio full moon falls in, the question to ask is, “What dead bodies I been ignoring, denying, or unconscious of in this arena of my life?” If you find the metaphor of bodies coming to the surface of a lake too grisly, just think in terms of “what blockages need to be dissolved here?”. Here is a list of the 12 houses and the affairs each one is associated with:

First House:

Your immediate persona, your social “mask”, your demeanor, impact on the immediate environment, how people experience you when you walk in a room.

Second House:

Your skills and talents, how you survive, how you make money, the stuff you own, your self-worth, your sense of inner authority, your values.

Third House:

Your peer group, the immediate neighborhood, short journeys like the daily commute, your perceptual filters, speaking, writing, communication, perception, avenues of communication such as the phone and internet, also aunts and uncles in some traditions.

Fourth House:

The deepest, most undefended part of you, your concept of home and family, hearth and tribe, your inner heroes and shadows, also the physical home.

Fifth House:

Creative self expression, romance, debauchery, sports and athletics, fun and games, anything involving speculation (including having children!). Planets and placements here indicate how you have fun, how you express or fail to express joyfulness.

Sixth House:

Your daily habits like diet and exercise, the daily grind at the workplace, daily responsibilities, your physical structure, any problems that interfere with your ability to express yourself such as health problems often show up here.

Seventh House:

Marriage partners and open enemies. (Yes, they are ruled by the same house in astrology) Any relationship you could honestly call a “1-to-1″ partnership be it a marriage partnership, business partnership, or even an equally matched rivalry brings out both your best and worst qualities.

Eighth House:

Sex, death and other people’s money. (Yes, right after marriage). How you transform, how you regenerate. Money or resources you get from other people whether they are relatives, sex partners, financial institutions, etc. Your unconscious mind.

Ninth House:

Philosophy, religion, law, publishing, higher education, travels to other cultures, encounters with the foreign/exotic (including foreign or exotic ideas).

Tenth House:

Your career status, public image, your role in civil society, your reputation, how you relate to “the man” and “the establishment” and how they relate to you. The type of social role or job title you find impressive, both in yourself and in others.

Eleventh House:

Your goals, hopes and dreams, kindred spirits. Friends you choose, even if they are not peers, the “crowd” you run with, your social network, (impersonal) friendships, facebook friends, social causes, strategic alliances.

Twelfth House:

The collective unconscious, your ancestral line, your psychic and spiritual development, how you sabotage yourself, addictions/compulsions, secrets including the ones you keep from yourself.

If you happen to have any planets around 26 degrees Scorpio, those too will be affected by this full moon. If you’re a Scorpio Sun, this full moon will be affecting your identity and what you like to get attention for. If your Moon is in Scorpio, it will be affecting your emotional states and your physical body.

If you’re into rituals, a good ritual to perform during a Scorpio full moon can be found here.

If you don’t know which house(s) or planet(s) in your chart are associated with Scorpio, go to and get a free copy of your chart. I’ve found their free interpretations to be so general that they are of little use but you will at least be able to see which houses and planets are associated with which signs in your chart. If you need further assistance, contact me for a consultation and I will do my best to help you.

Copyright Matthew David Savinar, 2011

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